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There’s no shortage of content out there. What’s real? What’s researched? What’s a single opinion? Who to trust?

We have invested hundreds of hours interviewing well over 100 women and men who have had robust careers, extracting their insights, wisdom and ‘wish I would have knowns.’  We integrate that wisdom with the work done by our researchers, including social scientists and psychologists who do the heavy lifting to identify the real from the not so real and unlock brilliant wisdom stuck in academic literature, research studies, books, journals and people’s brains.

Our Team

Janet Winkler

Janet started Hacking Sophia as a passion project, out of a desire to help working parents not only survive, but thrive. With a 35+ year career as an entrepreneur, executive, consultant, mentor, and most importantly to her, a mom of 3 adult children, Janet was deeply committed to cracking a way to help other moms and dads. After completing dozens of interviews with working moms, working dads, their partners, and employers, Janet was struck by how much valuable wisdom is out there, tacit and learned through experience, but locked up and too hard to access. She assembled a team to harvest the wisdom, curate it compulsively and turn it into tight bites so they could be edible and internalized for working parents who have no time. 

Katie Diamond

Katie is a brand marketer and mom of two little boys, who is desperately trying to cram it all in. After the birth of her first son, Katie returned to her demanding full-time job in experiential marketing. She was stunned by how nearly impossible it was to feel successful at work and to be the mom she wanted to be simultaneously. Katie loves to share her own learnings with others, having curated a must-have product list and a few ‘shit no one tells you’ tips that she sends to friends when they become moms. So she is thrilled to be able to pay it forward on a much broader scale through the Hacking Sophia platform, helping women and men trying to do it all, do it all well.

Sal Zerilli

Sal is a Social Psychologist and Psychotherapist with 15 years of professional experience in academic, corporate, and mental health settings.  The son of a single working mother and the working father of two daughters, Sal has a keen personal interest in helping to alleviate the pains and burdens of working parents, especially through the application of social science-derived wisdom and insights gleaned from ongoing ethnographic and therapeutic observations.  Sal holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and master’s degrees from Boston College and the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Currently working as an outpatient therapist and research consultant, Sal lives with his wife Beth, a teacher, on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Lainie Goldwert

Lainie is a clinical psychologist specializing in the intersection of culture and mental health. She is the mother of two children under 2 and has had the opportunity to reflect on the intensity of parenting expectations in her local community. Having seen how these expectations take a toll on families, she has taken a critical eye to the assumptions about motherhood that surround us. Weaving in principles of relational psychotherapy, mindfulness, cultural anthropology, and pragmatic optimism, she culls wisdom from rigorously reviewed published research, clinical expertise, and the everyday experience of being a participant-observer in mom culture. Her hope in joining the Hacking Sophia team is to replace stifling internalized ideas of perfection with the gloriously diverse ways we can thrive and excel in our lives as they are. Lainie holds an interdisciplinary PhD from the University of Chicago in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Anthropology. During her varied training, she has honed her ability to combine psychodynamic and sociocultural approaches to understanding distress, healing, and well-being. She is in private clinical practice in Brooklyn, NY and teaches at the New School in New York City. 

Joshua Stern, Ph.D.

Educational Specialist with 25 years of professional experience in a variety of academic and corporate settings. After receiving his B.A. from the University of California Berkeley, he completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Education at UCLA. His research focused on adult learning, specifically online program design and development. Joshua’s passion for education, and belief in the transformative power of online learning, has led him to dedicate his career to creating unique and engaging learning experiences for audiences around the globe. Joshua, his wife Sarah, along with their two young sons, three cats, and a tortoise live near the beach in Torrance, California.

Sophias (and some men)

Special thanks to Ingrid Skogan, Emineh Babayon, Greta Epstein and all the women and men who took precious time out of their day to contribute wisdom and help our community succeed:

Colleen J., Gale P., Sandra H., Joanna B., Peggy H., Deborah M., Sharon P., Sharon M., Ewelina G., Kim W., Linda S., Marcia T., Jenn P., Kelly F., Ilze F., Sherry B., Anne W., Alex VP, Celeste G., Robin T., Pam B., Geline M., Rose K., Zabrina H., Sarah F., Noreen M., Alison F., Shibanee V., Salima L., Jackie H., Cindy T., Eliza K., Miranda G., Katie L., Rebecca M., Leah W., Elana C., Kate M., Jennifer L., Christine D., Heather B., Jeanne L., Dess W., Lisa K., Barb B., Nicki W., Beth H., Elena D., Lisa M., Louise A., Marla G., Shelley F., Patrizia P., Amanda H., Lisa S., Shannon B., Alli W., Amy R., Hilary M., Raymonde L., Jenni B., Madison I., Sunny M., Ashley W., Alexandra S., Sarah S., Tali D., Emily P., Remi K., Frances F., Rebecca H., Leanne G., Zoja P., Kathryn A., Alice B., Lisa M., Megan S., Victoria H., Jessica S., Amanda H., Nina J, Ashley M., Jamie G., Ioanna R., Shannon L., Al F., John W., Jordy W., Tim F., Anna K., Nick C., Kathy D., Jeremy W., Mitchell H., Liz J., Rosanna A., Gillian E., Carly D., Susan A., Adrianna C., Anne M., Lisa M., Cindy R., Karen M., Grail M., Elizabeth F., Sam W., Chinkal P., Ryan F., Alexa N., Sarah K., Karen H., Amanda R., Karen VDH, Emily BH., Nadia S., Mark D., Alec A., Jen W., Melissa B., Jeff W., Alana K., Joy C., Lindsay WR., Jacey D., Lauren L., Aleksandra J., Nikita S., Erin K., Candace A., Mali, S., Victoria S., Ali B., Lori S., Karen B., Jillian G., Rebecca D., Chelsea N., Nathalie R., Amy B., Ariel O., Yannick S., Deborah M., Tia S., Alyssa C., Emily P., Amanda J., Daniel G., Arin K., Robin C., Michelle E., Lesley G., Becky K., Mary H., Christine C., Elisabeth A., Jess U., Merilee M., Laura D., Liz C., Jenna K., Casey E., Yael B., Lindsay B., Raakhee T., Lindsey T., Sara L., Mark H., Meegan G., Jessica G., Muriam D., Jeannine P., Heather R., Heather S., Tanya C., Divya S., Austin S., Judy N., Elisa P., Tara G., Jennifer G., Kate W., Leanna F., Shannon H., Vikki L., Marème T., Mike K., Sarah G., Aaron C., Anne M., and we’re hoping you, soon.

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The Sophia Project is our corporate program that unleashes working parent talent through Intentional Subtraction.