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Our Expert Weighs in: Delegation

Belinda Chiu, Ed.D., is an executive coach, trainer and consultant who works with leaders across industries. Belinda shares her expert insights on how to functionally and emotionally enable successful delegation to create climates of trust and enable cultures where delegation is celebrated.

Check out her 2 to 4 minute bite-sized videos on delegation below.


Navigating Risk & Trust: recognizing that risk and trust influence our ability to let go, some tips on assessing risk and giving ‘swift trust’ to find and acknowledge new talent.

Controlling Impulses to Control: Pausing to allow space to investigate the root causes of controlling impulses in order to address them, rather than give in to them.

Recognizing the Team Effort: Not only does it allow the delegator to be seen as an effective leader to their superiors, it empowers all contributors to feel valued and cements delegation as a cultural norm.

Overcoming Concerns about how Delegation Makes Us Look: being really intentional about why, what and to whom we’re delegating and ‘being in it with them’ positions delegation in a positive, productive light.

New Delegation Relationships – Best Practices: Setting new delegatees up for success by being being clear on the ‘why’, framing it as an opportunity to develop others and your own leadership, and aligning on expectations and work styles from the start.

Delegating to the Already Busy: recognizing their load, being vocal about it, helping them to rejig priorities. Plus a tidbit on modelling wellbeing. 

And just for fun, two cautionary tales of delegation failures!

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