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Working from the Car or Other Body-Bruising Places? Read on.

We’ve been hearing of some crazy places moms are hiding to get away from the disruptions and find a little quiet while WFH w/ kids. Thanks again to Jenni Diamond@Jenni Diamond Health, Occupational Therapist & Personal Trainer – who we call when we need solutions to body drama. Here are a few easy stretches she suggests to un-cramp:

Looking from side to side: it’s as simple as it sounds. While you’re sitting, turn your head to look over and past each shoulder.

Head tilt: Yup, simple too. Look straight ahead and tilt head to the right, then left, then head down (chin to chest).

Shoulder shrugs: Lift shoulders up to your ears – high and tight. Big shrug! Release.

Squats: Just to get your body moving and stretch. You know that move – feet parallel, move your booty back and squat trying to lower your hips down and back, pressing your heels into the ground.


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