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The Sophia Project

A development program designed to unleash talent and team impact through intentional subtraction.

Engage, Develop & Unleash Talent

Now more than ever, we all have too much to do and not enough time to do it. We want to fiercely prioritize what drives value and meaning at work and life but overloaded to-do lists get in the way.

We work with progressive employers across industries to engage with, develop and unleash talent through The Sophia Project.

The Sophia Project is all about empowering talent to focus on what drives value by subtracting what doesn’t. Our program is uniquely focused on the essential, yet overlooked skill of intentional subtraction. By shifting our behaviour from add, add, add to subtracting what isn’t essential, we can fiercely prioritize against what matters.  

Our hands-on program brings together colleagues through live sessions, digitally or live, providing insights, tools and strategies to enable subtraction. Leveraging the power of community we empower individuals and teams to reduce mental clutter and unlock their capacity at work and at home, while making connections in an authentically human way.

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Growth by Intentional Subtraction

The program was built from a simple insight: people have too much on their to-do lists and no amount of reorganizing or reprioritizing relieves the stress or makes their lives and work lives more manageable.

Through The Sophia Project, we guide participants through intentional subtraction. We create consciousness around invisible energy and time-consuming obligations that no longer serve them, their teams or employers and introduce strategies and embed skills that help them make intentional subtraction choices.

Importantly, The Sophia Project is designed to create lasting change within individuals, teams and across the organization so their efforts continue to be focused on value and meaning-driving behaviours in work and in life. 

Confident Toddler Playing Super Hero In A Park

A Holistic, Evidence-Based Approach

We all have a desire to crush it at work and at home, but we often find ourselves feeling crushed. The Sophia Project recognizes that we’re all “&” people – working people and people who have lives outside of work. Therefore, The Sophia Project offers everyone the opportunity to activate subtraction strategies within both spheres of their lives.

Our content (see overview here) is developed by experts in psychology, sociology, behavioral science, coaching and eduction to address the needs discovered through in-depth interviews with 300+ working women and men.


Content is bite-sized, relevant & designed for lasting impact


Digital and digestible to reflect the way people consume content today, the program is designed to always be respectful of the one thing we never have enough of – time.


Our content is inspired by insights from interviews with working parents, and leverages evidence-based research to address the invisible obligations, stumbling blocks and limiting behaviors that people down.

Lasting Impact

Each digital content experience is a part of an interconnected, thoughtfully designed system, delivered strategically to support participants in the activation and sustainment of real-life change.

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