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Professional Supposed To’s with Heather Stark

Bite-sized videos from Executive Coach and mom of 3, Heather Stark going deep on the Professional Supposed To’s she most frequently sees with her clients.


“I need to overprepare so I have all the answers.” Recognizing when it’s worth overcommitting time and energy, given our constrained realities. Plus some strategies for what to do when you aren’t sure.

“I work longer and harder than others.” Not possible in the Cram it all in Years. How to ditch busyness in favour of productivity.

“I do a lot of the emotional labour at work.” Strategies for how to set boundaries and distribute emotional labour so you can focus on actual work.

“I can’t say no or set boundaries at work.” It feels good to say yes, but at what cost? Focusing on the downside of saying yes and getting clear on what you’ll take on and how it serves you. Plus how to say ‘no’ nicely.

“I have to keep work and life completely separate.” Helping to normalize working parents’ commitment to family by talking about it while reinforcing that it doesn’t sacrifice our performance.

“I thought I’d be at a different point in my career by now.” Focusing on the present and plans for the future rather than previous expectations that haven’t materialized.

The Sophia Project is our corporate program that unleashes working parent talent through Intentional Subtraction.