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Radically improving the day-to-day experience of all of us who are cramming it all in.

Wisdom, Solutions + Experiences
Smart, Consumable, Bite-sized
Learning the hard way isn't the only way.

What Sophias Tell Us

You don’t realize you’re not leaving work at work, maybe you’re just experiencing guilt and don’t know how to fix it. Hacking Sophia has helped me identify problems I don’t even realize I’m having.

- Jenna

What I like about Hacking Sophia is the bite-sized bits, and what stood out to me was that the wisdom is from people who have been there. It’s not just the new mommy trying to tell another new mommy what to do based on no experience.

- Liz

There’s a feeling of isolation for working moms balancing two, often thankless full-time jobs. There are pieces you want to learn more or do better, and you’re offering a place where people can not feel alone and educating us on things we struggle with.

- Laura

Little Life Hacks

Smart shortcuts that simplify life, big time.

The Sophia Project is our corporate program that unleashes working parent talent through Intentional Subtraction.